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The story of the champagne producer

Des techniques ancestrales


Our story is closely connected to Celles-Sur-Ource, a traditional village in Côte des Bar, in south Champagne.

In 1850, Athanase Laurent settled in the village and started producing wine that was then sold to trade companies.

As decades went by, knowledge and traditional know-how were transmitted to the next generation.



We celebrate our ancestors’ knowledge and practices by producing a Champagne that is mature, long on the palate and with strong vinosity.

Un champagne de qualité, respectueux du terroir

What makes us special:

  • We produce complex blends of four to five year of harvest.
  • We age our vintage Champagnes in the cellar for up to ten years – a particularly long time that reveals our expertise.
  • Through separate vinification, we craft unique Brut Blancs de Blancs and Blancs de Noirs.
  • Our large selection of old and rare Champagne wines.

Sustainability and renewable energy are at the heart of what we do. For example, we collect rainwater and use it to treat grapes and wash our floors. The farm is energy-efficient through the use of solar panels. We practice sustainable agriculture and our Champagne is certified without glyphosate or pesticide.

La continuité d'un savoir-faire familial


Our family has always been making wine and we have been producing Champagne for over three generations. We continue this legacy by using traditional methods. To grow our grapes, we use empirical, observation-based methods. To vinify, we use classic methods such as alcoholic and malolactic fermentations. We prefer patience over heating-and-cooling technologies and allow the necessary time for our wines to fully develop.



Our Champagne wines are developed from our own grapes.

Located in Côte des Bars, in south Champagne, our vineyard stretches over 16 hectares with noble Champagne varieties. 70% planted are Pinot Noir, 20% are Chardonnay and 10% are Pinot Blanc. This clay-limestone, Kimmeridgian land has been used as a vineyard for over 2000 years. This allows us to produce Champagne wines that are full of maturity.

We believe in sustainable agriculture: we limit and adapt our treatments following the evolution of our land’s needs.  Our work methods are respectful of the environment and biodiversity, to ensure the organic sustainability of our business. Since November 2019, we are certified HVE (Haute Valeur Environnementale – High Environmental Value) Level 3.


Today, Jean Laurent perpetuates the spirit of the Laurent house that was initiated by Pierre Laurent, his grandfather who started producing Champagne for the first time.

In 1952, his father Raymond Laurent decided to steer the family business towards producing Champagne blends that are full of finesse with rich aromas.

This is why we have been able, over the last half-century, to offer a selection of vintage Champagnes that are aged in the cellar for up to ten years.
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